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Disquiet on the Set

-A Kate Caldwell Mystery

Kate Caldwell is an actress pushing 40 hard. Out of work (again), she leaves New York for Hollywood where her husband has landed a role on the new Law & Order spinoff, The Jury’s Out. Kate spends her days negotiating the entertainment biz and her nights worrying about her husband’s on-set dalliances. With that kind of drama in her personal life, Kate is dangerously close to having a mid-life crisis.

Luckily, before she goes completely bonkers, Kate is offered a gig on the popular soap opera, Love’s Restless Heart. The part of the long-lost daughter suffering from amnesia might win Kate that elusive Daytime Emmy Award. Unfortunately, she soon discovers the truth of the old adage: Be careful what you wish for.

With fisticuffs during rehearsals, nasty co-stars, and crazy production assistants, it’s far from quiet on the set of Love’s Restless Heart. When one of the soap opera’s leading men suddenly and mysteriously dies everyone is under suspicion. Was it an accident or foul play? Was he poisoned by his lovesick assistant? Did his wife finally have enough of his philandering and bash him over the head? Or was it the director who wanted to cut him out of the show for good? With the help of an old friend and a new handsome stranger, Kate must find the answers to save her job and the show. Only then can she get back to saving her marriage.

Book is available NOW on Amazon

TV Series in development.

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